Great Dane Puppy

The puppy is gorgeus! I just hope the frame does him justice. —Prema Chainan

How it works:

Photos: I work from photos, so I need good quality photos of your pet. You can send them via e-mail or regular mail. Feel free to let me know which photo is your favourite. The pose of the pet plays a large role in the look of the painting. I will use the alternative photos for reference. Clear, good quality pictures will make for the most accurate depiction of your pet. I would like images which show the unique details of your pet, including fur, eyes, markings, etc. The better the images you can send, the more true to life your pet portrait will be.

Helpful tips to help you get good images of your pet:

  • Take photographs outside, or near a large windows without flash are best and will avoid red rye.
  • Ideally, take photographs with your back to the sun, but make sure your pet isn’t squinting.
  • Take the photographs on a level with your pet to avoid distortion or unnatural pose. If you want a head/head and shoulders pet portrait take it straight on.
  • Get as close yo your pet as possible whilst staying in focus as this will give the maximum amount of detail and make painting the potrait easier.

The quality of the photographs are essential for your pet portrait as I can only paint what I see!