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Hare looking right

32 x 52cm (Framed: 59 x 50.5cm)
Ink on Aquarelle (Acid Free and Cotton) Paper
Sold out

I painted this Hare at dawn in Les Gers, France. He was on the edge of my mums vegetable garden, about 20 yards away. He was clearly very nervous of me and although he never ran, he was always watching me. I spent a good hour painting him before the noise of the house scared him off.

I love this painting. It is one the best paintings I have ever done. I really appreciated this Hare for allowing me to paint him. The previous morning I painted nothing as the Hares ran for cover as soon as they caught sight of me.

This is an original painting.


This painting has been custom mounted in white with a black wooden frame to the highest standards.

The Painting is currently located in the UK, We aim to ship this item within 5 working days. If you have special instructions please contact us. Please contact us if you would like the painting shipped outside the UK to find out the additional cost.